The complete package

Our memory is decreasing more than ever before! Why? Technology harms us more than we think. By putting everything in your cellphones or computer, your brain is less and less active. We become more and more lazy. The solution? Whatever we do, it needs to be easy and…FUN! The memory complete-workout was created with those 2 words in mind: FUN and EASY. If it’s too complicated, it wont’ be effective.

First, you will participate in the very interactive workshop. You will then receive the book and the cards to practice even more. Then, you will attend the Memory Workshop 2: THE NAMES (how to remember people’s names).

Register now…before it is too late. Your memory will thank you later! You won’t regret it.

Complete memory course with 2 workshops, The Book, The Cards and The Socks for $300.00

Le Memory Gym - Le livre! par Michel Huot
Flash cards to help your memory.
Memory Gym Socks, white

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The fundamentals

Learn the basics in mnemonics, a tool that helps us remember certain facts or large amounts of information while having fun! You will be able to remember: your complete grocery list, your to do list, your daily professional and personal tasks.

The Love of Names

How often are you in front of someone you know but you just can’t remember their name? Embarrassing? Well you don’t have to be in that situation again. No more forgetting names.
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